I.P. Remix

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Chris Owl

Nocturnal Predator Mix
Upon first tasting Christiane D’s original version of Institutional Proposition, nocturnal predator Chris Owl had something more eerie in mind.  The avian audio architect used his sharp talons to mince the song’s ingredients, reconstituting the track into a melancholy but equally delicious re-imagining.  Looking through Owl’s binocular vision, this haunting remix transports the listener deep in the woods, surrounded by shadows, with only Christiane’s voice to guide the way.

How many licks it takes to get to the center of what makes die-hard hip-hop heads tick could be just what CHRIS OWL is after. The Pittsburgh-based DJ, producer & promoter who gets kicks from tinkering found electronics into tricked-out toy instruments has been turntabling & pad-mashing his way through the underground music scene.  He’s equally comfortable ravaging subwoofers as a resident of bass music crew Obvious, as he is behind the decks dropping head-nodders at local hip-hop mecca Timebomb. Since 2012 OWL has also curated a podcast & event series for progressive hip-hop producers, now known as ENFORCERY. If that’s not enough, every month find him running Pittsburgh’s Producers Meetup, a free workshop for artists & sound creators to exchange tracks and tips.  CHRIS OWL’s preference for soup-mix projects continues to define his cross-genre aesthetic. Mashing together a mecca of mix-martyred samples & lyric-rich tracks, his music maintains a fresh, independent-bred sound worth keeping an ear to – which begs two questions: how many licks did it take… and what’s the next flavor?



DJ Herman “Soy Sos” Pearl

Psychedelic Fuzz Mix

The idea was to create a fuzzed out, sludgier and darker version of the original song. A sort of Pacific Northwest, Soundgarden/Nirvana kind of thing with twinges of dub and psychedelia. Guitarist Izzy Arlet was brought on board to bring the guitar magic.

Herman Pearl (Soy Sos) is head engineer and owner of Tuff Sound Recording, as well as sound designer and co-founder of PearlArts Studios, a sound and creative movement company he formed with his wife, Staycee Pearl. Through PearlArts, Herman creates soundscapes to serve as a component to contemporary dance. Herman is also an artist. He has performed, created, and recorded his own music for over 25 years. With DJ MKL, Herman created 3 Generations Walking and MKL vs. Soy Sos, a deep house music-centered collective that produced approximately 30 releases with worldwide distribution and acclaim between 1998 and 2006. In 1997, Pearl and longtime collaborator Christiane D founded the band Soma Mestizo, which produced 8 albums and performed over 500 shows. With reggae group Chill Factor International/CFI Massive, Pearl acted as co-founder, member, manager, and producer between 1986 and 1999, during which the band performed at nearly 1,000 engagements and released six records. He has produced immersive sound installations and collaborated with numerous visual artists throughout the world.