Satellite Transmission Creation
Is world peace possible when it seems we need, at times, conflict to
build character, become better humans.

August Wilson Center Fellows, Christiane D, will present, as part of
her Cultivation event, a one night only live creation of a tapestry of
sounds fas a satellite transmission of voice and instruments
contemplating the theme of PEACE (?).

Christiane D was joined by musician Ben Opie and the group
“Thrum” featuring Herman Pearl and Paul Cunningham in their first ever public performance.

She invites the public, artists, musicians to actively participate by
bringing their sound which will be captured on al live recording. She
invites you to bring a pillow, bring your words, bring an instrument,
bring a pot, bring a pan. Share your sound and share your thoughts
on peace.

Her August Wilson Center Fellowship is in support of her first solo studio album, Obliquity
of the Ecliptic. This is an all ages event. Crying babies are welcomed.

“AtmoStrataElectro is an interactive poetic performance piece painted with a digitized soundtrack, which reveals a truly living Earth.” – Donna Fischer.
ASE explores an anonymous solitary consciousness in search of peace through the three stratas of Ocean, Earth and Space. Featured here are the extended versions of the Satellite Transmission featured on Obliquity of the Ecliptic, OOTE.

satellite transmission… from Christiane Leach on Vimeo.