Rodeo Ego


Works by Christiane D.

Christiane D. will present a retrospective of a decade’s worth of Surrealist drawings. The title of the exhibit is “RODEO EGO”. The drawings present various states of reigning in one’s ego to subdue it, akin to the rodeo sport of riding the bull. The new work will be based upon the small sketches Christiane has created between the periods of 1987 to 1997. The original drawings, small and taken right from the sketchbook, will be shown in conjunction of the new work as a key to the process. Many of these drawings were created while she traveled across the country to Alaska, Seattle, Utah, Arizona, and Colorado. Her body of work, as a whole, can best be characterized as a work that questions our ability to co-exist with the world in all its wonderful and cruel aspects. It is a penetrating analysis of human behavior, a peeling off the façade, and staring at the black and white of the soul as it struggles to triumph and evolve despite the adversity of existence. With poetic and brutally honest titles, one can learn that you can’t ignore the impulse of the ego, but you can learn that you are the one riding the bull and not the bull riding you.

Also, featured at the exhibit, will be an Exquisite Corpse created by 5 local artists, such as Susan Constanse, Renee Bucek, Lin Wei Lee, Chris Craychee, to name a few.

Opening Night:
Surrealist Costume Party celebrating Salvador Dali’s Birthday. Musical entertainment will be provided by Trance, featuring Master Percussionist Simon Jaeger. Films by Christiane D. and Chris Ivey. Dance by Staycee Walters. A Birthday cake created by local cake designer and inspired by one of Christiane’s drawings. People are asked to celebrate Dali’s birthday with uninhibited Surrealist inspired Costumes. Suggested donation: $ 5.

Closing Night:
A poet, Bob Ziller, will read Surrealist poetry over music composed during the time of Surrealism. Composers such as Andre Souris, Poulenc’s Les Biches and Edgar Varése’s Arcana. An Artist talk will follow the reading. Donations accepted.