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trans_porta – PATRICIA VILLALOBOS ECHEVERRÍAChristiane Dolores, recording of dream of black wolf
trans_porta is an art project that collects memories of events and experiences related to cars and transportation through spoken word. It investigates notions of transport, movement, and migration, while it considers our relationship to the car as an object, a space, weapon, etc. As a component of this project, trans_porta sivar consisted of a series of rides through the urban zone of San Salvador in a Ford Crestliner from the 50’s. A sound piece incorporating multiple voices and stories from trans_porta played continuously in its interior. The project was streamed live during those two days; you can access some of these streams at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/trans-porta-sivar

PUBLIC RECORD – Justin Hopper
Christiane Dolores, reader of poem
Public Record: Pittsburgh is a series of hauntings; ghostly recollections of people lost to history but for their sole transgressive act.

The pieces included are poems written with text sampled from 19th-century Pittsburgh crime reports. These audio pieces are designed to be listened to in the locations in which the original crimes occurred – as designated on the accompanying map – to experience the ghostly anachronism of history’s lost souls.

But even outside the appropriate landscape, Public Record: Pittsburgh paints a baroque image of a unique American city, looking at a time when shifting populations, technologies, and even morals meant that change was the city’s only constant.