The Only Good Artist, is a Dead Artist – play by Rage Stevenson aka Christiane Dolores

October 2007: The Fifth Annual Theatre Festival in Black and White, Pittsburgh Playwrights’ signature event, featured eight one-act plays, half by African-American playwrights and half by Caucasian playwrights, with a twist that the Caucasian plays are directed by African-American directors, and vice versa. Supported by MCAI, Mellon and The Pittsburgh Foundation. Festival Coordinator: John Gresh. Ran October 17th through October 28th, 2007.

  • Sympathy for a Vampire, by Erick Q. Irvis, directed by Roger Babusci. With Jeff Miller, Hilary Larkin, Deborah Pomeco, Zack McCoy, Thomas Fuchel, and Lamont Jones.
  • Cake Without Frosting, by F.J. Hartland, directed by Joseph Martinez. With Brenda Marks and Shaun Nicole McCarthy.
  • 1892/1982 Two Steel Stories, by Lynne Conner, directed by Ron Black. With Thomas Fuchel and Ezra Smith.
  • Mr. Ding Dong Daddy, by Jamal Williams, directed by John Gresh. With Don Marshall and Jennifer Chervenak.
  • Play it Out, by James Michael Shoberg, directed by Carter Redwood. With Nathan Hollabaugh and Deanna Tangeman.
  • The Only Good Artist is a Dead One, by Rage Stevenson, directed by James Wong. With Phat Man Dee, Cory Tamler, John Graham, and Dominique Johnson.
  • Out of Focus, by France Luce Benson, directed by Lisa Ann Goldsmith. With Brandon Williams and Ashley Coney.
  • A Question of Taste, by Andrew Ade, directed by Jeanine Foster McKelvia. With Joshua Elijah Reese, Ben Blakey, and Lonzo Green.